66th Bpsc Interview Guidance Programme 2024

We would like to bring your attention towards 66th bpsc Interview.

We are observing that most of students are unable to express what they really know well and at the same time their verbal communication is not very impressive.
Knowing the things without its expression is just a blunder in Personality Test.
Practising with communication skills that too in presence of the distinguished members is need of hour.
Majority of students when asked why do you want to join the respective services through Bpsc Examination, they end up confused with very low conviction.

If you want to score really average score, you need to have good command atleast on how to convey your points to members.

Give atleast one mock offline and assess what you need to do?
Knowing the errors will help you avoid any drastic fall of marks in the Personality Test.

#Book your Interview Slots and prepare qualitatively without running overs the content/knowledge.
#66th Bpsc Interview Guidance Programme

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