A HUGE announcement was made by Samson Mow at Bitcoin

Bitcoin: A HUGE announcement was made by Samson Mow at Bitcoin 2023 when he unveiled three nation states moving to #Bitcoin.

  • Find out which countries have been #OrangePilled and are ready for Bitcoin adoption.
  • Samson Mow Pushes For Nation State Bitcoin Adoption
  • Bitcoin Ambassador Samson Mow has been working diligently on helping nations continue to adopt Bitcoin. Mow announced three new locations that are making progress in maki…
  • The #Bitcoin #LightningNetwork is now available all across the United States as per Jack Mallers’ Bitcoin 2023 announcement.

  • Strike has partnered with the largest point of sale providers in the country changing the game for merchants.
  • Strike Integrates Lightning Payments Into Largest US Point of Sale Providers
  • Some of the largest point of sale providers are now integrated with Strike which means shoppers are now able to make private purchases and merchants can save significantl…
  • Bitcoin is about much more than #NumberGoUp, it’s also #FreedomGoUp technology that provides sovereignty and protection from censorship for everyone.
  • Alex Gladstein discussed Bitcoin and developing nations with Yeonmi Park, Farida Nabourema, and Fadi Elsalameen.

  • Let me save you ~8 hours:
  • jackmallers Strike partnered with Shopify, Blackhawk, and NCR
  • Excellion to provide digital infrastructure for El Salvador
  • Prospera (on the Roatán island near Honduras) and Madeira (autonomous region in Portugal) are adopting #bitcoin legal tender

– Mission Bitcoin



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