Best Affiliate Programs for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

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Last Updated on August 15, 2022 by kumar Dayanand

Understanding what affiliate programs are and how they work can be daunting, but finding the right affiliate programs for you can be the real challenge. In this article, we discuss exactly what affiliate programs are, how they differ from affiliate networks, why they’re important and who can use them. Plus we’ve also created a list of 100+ of the best affiliate programs ecommerce entrepreneurs can use, no matter the industry.

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What Are Affiliate Programs

There are so many different ways to earn money online, and one of those ways is through working with affiliate programs. As an online entrepreneur, you don’t actually have to sell a tangible product that gets physically shipped to your customers to earn money, you can earn money through suggesting products for others to buy, and then earn a portion of the sale if consumers make a purchase based off your recommendation. This is how affiliate programs work.

Affiliate programs are an agreement between a brand or retailer and a seller that details the commission a seller will earn for facilitating a sale of the brand or retailers’ products.

Why Affiliate Programs are Important

Affiliate programs are important for a few reasons:

  • They encourage sellers to recommend brands and retailers’ products
  • They enable sellers to earn a commission for the sales that they generate for brands and retailers
  • They reward sellers for facilitating sales, thus encouraging them to suggest products more often
  • They help retailers understand where purchases are coming from and which sellers are driving sales for their brand

When retailers create affiliate programs for their brands, they give an incentive for sellers to recommend their products, which is likely to motivate sellers to continue to mention their products and encourage consumers to buy them. This helps to spread the word about the retailers’ brands and keeps their products at the top of consumers’ minds.

Affiliate programs are also important because, unlike many other influencer marketing strategies, the more the influencer promotes the affiliate more they earn. Other influencer marketing strategies only rely on the influencer promoting a brand or product once, either in a blog post, a YouTube video, an Instagram post or story, etc. but once that campaign has been completed the influencer doesn’t have any external motivation to recommend the product or brand to their following again.

When influencers use affiliate programs, however, the more they mention the affiliate to their following the more they can potentially earn from it, which gives them external motivation for them to recommend it to their following often. For brands, this means constant exposure, continual marketing, and more potential revenue.

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