Big Nft Holders Lost 100 Eth Due to Domain Joke

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Big NFT holders lost 100 ETH due to domain joke 

The owner of 57 rare bored Ape Yacht Club tokens, better known by his Twitter nickname Franklinisbord, decided to relax and play a prank online. To do this, they registered an ENS domain from an alternative wallet named “stop-doing-fake-bids-it-honestly-lam-my-cow.eth”.

Big NFT holders lost 100 ETH due to domain joke

Franklin expected the EnsBidsBot account to make a big bet on the affectionate ENS, after which he would cancel it. Hodler bet 100 ETH to buy the domain and waited for development. However, the situation quickly changed when his domain received an optional stake of 1.9 ETH (approximately $2,900). The Joker accepted it, but forgot to cancel his bid.

What happened was that the buyer first bought the domain from Hodler for 1.9 ETH, and then sold it for 100 ETH. By the time Franklin regained consciousness, it was too late. The cryptocurrency was written off, and he remains the owner of the beautiful “Stop Fake Betting” domain.

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