Bitcoin – Warren Buffett won’t buy all the bitcoins

Bitcoin – Warren Buffett won’t buy all the bitcoins, not even for $25. And his partner needs the help of a psychologist 

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett and his friend Charlie Munger once again decided to tell the world why bitcoin is evil.

Buffett claims that he is ready to pay $25 billion for 1% of shares of all farmland in the USA or the same amount for 1% of shares of all apartment buildings in the country. But in the case of BTC, he’s not even willing to buy them all back for $25.

That statement may seem a bit off-putting to some, but Buffett has good reason to be wary of cryptocurrencies – after all, BTC doesn’t produce anything.

Charlie Munger, for his part, doesn’t invest in bitcoin as he worries about appearing foolish in front of his friends and acquaintances if the price falls personally.

He stressed that he’s always avoiding investments that could make him seem unfavorable.

And while Buffett is somehow understandable, the senile Mungerneeds to see a psychiatrist urgently

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