Bjp Changed 9 Presidents from 1998 Till Now, What Was the Condition Of Parties Like Congress, Sp and Bsp

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022 by kumar Dayanand

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Indian Political Parties Presidents: The process of election for the post of Congress President is going on. Meanwhile, discussions are also being held regarding the top post of other political parties including BJP. In the last 24 years, 9 presidents have been changed in BJP, while in this period, leaving the tenure of Rahul Gandhi of 2022-23-19, Sonia Gandhi has been in command of the top post of Congress since 1998. In the hands of (Sonia Gandhi).

After the party’s defeat in the 2022-23 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of Congress president, after which Sonia Gandhi was elected the party’s interim president. The last time the Congress President was elected was in the year 2000. Now once again elections are being held for the coronation of the new President of Congress.

BJP has changed so many presidents in 24 years

The presidents the BJP has seen since 1998 are Kushabhau Thackeray (1998-2000), Bangaru Laxman (2000-01), Jana Krishnamurthy (2001-02), M Venkaiah Naidu (2002-04), LK Advani (2004). -05), Rajnath Singh (2005-09), Nitin Gadkari (2009-13), Rajnath Singh (2013-14), Amit Shah (2022-23-19) and JP Nadda, who held the top post in 2022-23. Rajnath Singh has become BJP President twice.

condition of samajwadi party

Samajwadi Party was established on 4 October 1992. Since the inception of the party, till 2022-23, its founder Mulayam Singh remained the president. In 2022-23, Mulayam Singh’s son and former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav was made the party president for the first time. Since then Akhilesh Yadav has been made the president of Samajwadi Party in 2022-23 and now in 2022-23 as well. During the Samajwadi Party convention in Lucknow on Thursday (29 September), Akhilesh Yadav was elected president of the party for the third time.

From the beginning till now only two people became BSP President

Bahujan Samaj Party was established on 14 April 1984. Since the inception of the party, its founder Kanshi Ram was the national president till 18 September 2003. In 2003, due to Kanshi Ram’s unwell, former UP CM Mayawati became the national president of BSP for the first time. On 27 August 2006, she became the party president for the second time. After 2006, on 28 August 2022-23, the party president was elected, in which Mayawati once again took the top post. At present, Mayawati is the President of BSP.

Lalu’s sole rule on the top post of RJD

Rashtriya Janata Dal was established on 5 July 1997. Its founder and former Chief Minister of Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav has been continuously in the post of president since the inception of the party. Although elections have been held for the post of national president many times, but till date no one has filled the form in front of Lalu Yadav. This time he is going to become RJD president unopposed for the 12th time. For this, on Wednesday (28 September), he filed his nomination. A formal announcement will be made on October 10 that Lalu Prasad Yadav will become the president and he will be given a certificate.

Allegations and counter-allegations regarding the election of the presidency

The BJP has been alleging that whoever becomes the president of the Congress, the command will remain in the hands of the Gandhi family. BJP spokesperson Tom Vadakkan had said on September 21 last that whether Gehlot or Shashi Tharoor becomes the president of the Congress party, he will prove to be a puppet and Rahul Gandhi will take over the reins from behind. At the same time, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has retaliated on the allegations of BJP. In a statement recently, Gehlot had said that Narasimha Rao, Sitaram Kesari and Sonia Gandhi occupied the top post in the Congress through the election of the President but have ever heard of elections in BJP? Apart from the Congress, BJP has been terming many other parties as family-oriented.

How is the president elected in BJP?

The term of the National President in BJP is three years. The National President of BJP is elected according to the constitution of the party and the rules made by the National Executive. An electoral college chooses the national president of the BJP. The electoral college is made up of members of the national and state councils. 20 members of the state electoral college together can propose the name of the candidate. For this, it is necessary to have the consent of the candidate and he should have been an active member of the party for four terms i.e. with the party for at least 15 years. Similarly, proposals of candidates should come from at least five such states where elections to the National Council have been held.

After that the enrollment process starts. Active members verify new people. After this the election in-charges are appointed. The election in-charge starts the process of selecting the Mandal President, District President and State President and finally the National President is elected.

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, BJP changed 9 presidents from 1998 till now, what was the condition of parties like Congress, SP and BSP

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