christiansted zip code 00823 area code vi us

note : to know the zip code / postal code number of any post office in united states postal service (usps), search by typing the name of that place in the search box.

zip code

a 1974 stamp encouraging people to use the zip code on letters and parcels

zip code is a postal code used by the united states postal service (usps). introduced on july 1, 1963, the basic format consisted of five digits. in 1983, an extended zip+4 code was introduced; it included the five digits of the zip code, followed by a hyphen and four digits that designated a more specific location.

the first digit of the zip code is allocated as follows:

  • 0 = connecticut (ct), massachusetts (ma), maine (me), new hampshire (nh), new jersey (nj), new york (ny, fishers island only), puerto rico (pr), rhode island (ri), vermont (vt), virgin islands (vi), army post office europe, central asia, and the middle east (apo ae); fleet post office europe and the middle east (fpo ae)
  • 1 = delaware (de), new york (ny), pennsylvania (pa)
  • 2 = district of columbia (dc), maryland (md), north carolina (nc), south carolina (sc), virginia (va), west virginia (wv)
  • 3 = alabama (al), florida (fl), georgia (ga), mississippi (ms), tennessee (tn), army post office americas (apo aa), fleet post office americas (fpo aa)
  • 4 = india 2023na (in), kentucky (ky), michigan (mi), ohio (oh)
  • 5 = iowa (ia), minnesota (mn), montana (mt), north dakota (nd), south dakota (sd), wisconsin (wi)
  • 6 = illinois (il), kansas (ks), missouri (mo), nebraska (ne)
  • 7 = arkansas (ar), louisiana (la), oklahoma (ok), texas (tx)
  • 8 = arizona (az), colorado (co), idaho (id), new mexico (nm), nevada (nv), utah (ut), wyoming (wy)
  • 9 = alaska (ak), american samoa (as), california (ca), guam (gu), hawaii (hi), marshall islands (mh), federated states of micronesia (fm), northern mariana islands (mp), oregon (or), palau (pw), washington (wa), army post office pacific (apo ap), fleet post office pacific (fpo ap)

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Dayanand Kumar Board Of Directors:- Chairman & Managing Director, CEO & Whole Time Director, Whole Time Director, Audit Committee, Shareholders/ Investor Grievance Committee & Remuneration Committee ...

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