Digital India:Haryana is now the state of Digital India. 2023

Digital India:Haryana is now the state of Digital India. 2023 

Haryana Government realizes Prime Minister Narendra

Modi’s dream of Digital India.

The land records are being fully digitalized through the Haryana Land Record Information System (Web Halaris). This system has been implemented in all tehsils. Now the state government is working diligently to take Haryana forward.

Nearly six years ago, Haryana has fulfilled the dream of Digital India wholeheartedly by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his state. There will be hardly any state in the country except Haryana, where about five hundred and fifty types of public services and schemes are being conducted online. This is not only removing the hassle of people moving around government departments, but also saving time with transparency in government work.

Although the state government was active for digital services in Haryana for five years, but today due to all the work done in the last two years, Haryana is fast on the path of good governance. Haryana has developed many such software, which other state authorities are visiting Haryana to view, understand and implement in their state. The software of Information and Public Relations and Languages ​​Department for the payment of advertisement bills within 30 days has been highly appreciated by the Finance Department.

The road to making Haryana digital started with the primary process of appointing good governance partners in all the 22 districts of the state. It is the nose, ears, eyes and hands of a pro-government government that reports to the government that bringing public services to the portal is very important to end corruption, babusahi, kamori and late. Initially the opposition raised tremendous questions on the appointments of these good governance partners, but today Haryana has become the head of states in the digitization of government services. Encouraged by various experiments, the state government celebrated the year 2020 as the year of good governance resolution, but now the government is going to celebrate the year 2021 as the Good Governance Result Year. This means that this year will be for reviewing and improving online plans and projects.

It is no less than a major achievement for Haryana that it has been awarded the Digital India Award for Antyodaya Saar Portal. The Haryana government is now connecting all its departments with the e-office. That is, all work will be online. There will be no files in government offices, nor will there be any scope to loot them and loot them from the public. The system of missing documents to hide flaws will also be completely shut down.38 departments and four corporations of the state have so far been linked with e-office. A scheme has been launched to create a family identity card, giving a unique ID to each family in the state. Based on this family identity card, people will get the benefit of government schemes. The online transfer policy and file tracking system of teachers in Haryana has given impressive results.

In the era of digitization, ‘Antyodaya Saar Portal’ has been very successful in Haryana. Since the inception of the one-stop digital platform for civic services across the state, more than 3.4 crore applications for schemes and services have been received. More than 5.5 lakh applications are received on monthly basis through Antyodaya Saar Portal. In addition, more than 20 lakh SMSs are being sent every month to citizens informing them about the status of their applications – updates.People of Haryana can apply for the services of 549 government schemes and 40 departments, boards and corporations through the Common Portal in the Common Service Center (CSC) or at 117 Antyodaya Circle centers operated by the state government. The Antyodaya Saar Portal service of Haryana Government has got 4.3 out of 5 points. Citizens are no longer required to visit government offices to ask for information, apply for service or complain about any delay.

From 31 March, one lakh poor families with the lowest family income in the state will be selected through the Family Identity Card portal and every effort will be made to raise their standard of living. For this, the state government has formulated an action plan to develop the skills of members of families who do not have employment, to provide employment opportunities and provide financial assistance.Apart from this, the facility of registration of property documents in any tehsil of the district will also be operational from 1 April. An e-registration portal has been launched to prevent discrepancies in land related works.

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