Due to a Kind Of Name, the Exchange Of Dead Bodies Took Place Before the Funeral, the Difference Was Revealed by the Mustache

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022 by kumar Dayanand

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Raigad Dead Body Replace Case: A unique case has come to the fore in Raigad district of Maharashtra, often you must have heard the exchange of goods. However, in Raigad district of Maharashtra, a case of swapping of bodies of two people of one name and almost the same age has come to light. Surprisingly, he was recognized by the family when he came to perform the last rites. The family recognized the dead body by the difference in their mustache and then exchanged the dead body with each other. The whole incident happened because of the hospital staff who exchanged the bodies of both of them with each other.

dead body identified by mustache

According to the information, Ramakant Patil (62), a resident of Pejari village of Alibag tehsil, died at MGM Hospital due to blood pressure and diabetes, while in the same hospital in Dahiwali village of Panvel tehsil. Resident Ram Patil (66) had died due to kidney and liver related ailments. A relative of one of the deceased said on Thursday, Ramakant Patil’s relatives realized just before the cremation that the deceased had a different mustache.

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The family changed the body after reaching the hospital

When the hospital was contacted about this, the staff there refused to accept any wrongdoing. Ram Patil’s family also felt that something was wrong and both the groups reached MGM Hospital. After this the hospital administration made arrangements for the exchange of dead bodies. Meanwhile, the hospital management in a statement defended itself and said that both the families had seen the bodies before accepting them. Considering this matter, everyone is surprised that after all, how can there be such negligence from the hospital management.

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, Due to a kind of name, the exchange of dead bodies took place before the funeral, the difference was revealed by the mustache

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