Health Tips: Tips to Stay Healthy IN Winter 2022-23 

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Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by kumar Dayanand

Health Tips: Tips to stay healthy in winter 2022-23 

In the winter season, people use warm clothes to avoid the effects of cold, but no matter how warm the body is covered, there should be internal heat in the body to fight the cold. If the body has the ability to adapt itself to the weather from inside, then it will feel less cold and there will be no disease.

  • This is the reason why special attention has been given to food and drink in Ayurveda in winter.
  • If special attention is paid to food and drink in winter, then the body remains balanced and colds and colds are reduced.
  • Today we are going to tell you about some such foods, which will definitely give you relief from cold and cold.
  • Must eat these things in winter, give strength and warmth to the body

1.  Turmeric: Who does not know about the properties of turmeric. It has properties that can cure even minor ailments. If you also want to avoid cold, then mix a little turmeric in a glhot of warm milk and drink it daily. This will give you relief from your cold and it will also give you relief.

Health Tips: Tips to stay healthy in winter 2022-23 

2. Sweet potato: It is a type of fruit in which vitamin-A, vitamin B, iron and calcium are found. Eating sweet potato will be beneficial for you in the winter season.

3. Amla: In the winter season, include Amla in your food. Can’t even eat straight. Use it in daily food as marmalade or in any other way. If you are following the diet chart, then instead of taking amla murabba, take it in some other form.

4. Green Chillies: If you want to get rid of severe cold, then chili can prove to be effective, eating chili increases the body temperature.

Along with having vitamin C, E and fiber, it contains antioxidants that increase the body’s immunity. Eating it prevents diseases like cancer, by eating it, heat is produced in our body.

Its pungency works to increase the temperature of our body. Due to which our body remains warm from inside. Due to this, it protects from cold in winter. That’s why you must eat chili.

5. Ginger: Do you know that by including ginger in the daily diet, many minor diseases can be avoided. Consuming it in any way in winter is very beneficial. This gives heat to the body and digestion is also correct.

6. Desi Ghee: In winter, native ghee should be used. If you are not following any diet chart, then ghee is considered a good disease resistant in this season. If you avoid sugar and ghee, then eat seasonal fruits.

7.  Consumption of dry fruits: Sesame and jaggery laddoos are considered to be the best remedy to prevent cold. Consumption of dry fruits, almonds etc. is also beneficial in the winter season. Either soak them and eat them or mix them in milk or make coarse powder of dry fruits and mix them in milk and make protein shakes.

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