Life quotes in english: How to be happy in life?

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Last Updated on November 27, 2022 by kumar Dayanand

Life quotes in english: How to be happy in life?

First of all it is necessary to understand that what is happiness? Every human wants to be happy. He wants his happy moments never to end. There should never come a moment when this happiness goes away from him. This is because we measure happiness from a certain number of resources and when they are fulfilled, the meaning of happiness for us changes and we focus our happiness on some other thing or person. But few people know that happiness is neither something that will come to us nor is there anything that will go away from us.

Life quotes in english How to be happy in life
Life quotes in english How to be happy in life

What brings happiness?

If getting things was happiness then everyone who has everything would be happy and no one would talk about happiness at all. When we think that we will be happy after taking that thing, then after that thing comes to us, we are able to be happy for a while and then our attachment towards the other thing increases and we put our own interest in it. Start looking for happiness. It means that we were not happy in that thing. It was only our one wish which was fulfilled then a new desire was born.

Will happiness come automatically to us?

We often think that happiness will come to us when our dreams are fulfilled or what we want will be fulfilled. But when our dreams are fulfilled, after some time it seems to be part of our daily routine and a new dream takes its place.

Is it possible to find happiness?

The search for happiness is never complete because if we seek outside what is inside us, we will never find it. Just as if we look for our belongings which are inside our house, outside the house, then we will keep on looking for it and we will never find it. Similarly, happiness is within us, it is we who are looking for it from place to place. There is a need to recognize it. To know that what is it, through which we can see, feel the treasure of happiness inside us.

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