Motivational Story:cheater Definitely Gets Bad Fruit, Read This Inspiring Story Of Crow and Bird.

Cheater definitely gets bad fruit, read this

inspiring story of crow and bird.

Motivational Story:-Today we have brought you another inspiring story, the essence of which is that if someone cheats on you, he definitely gets the result. A cheating man never wins.

Today we have brought another inspiring story for you, the essence of which is that if someone cheats on you, he definitely gets the result. A cheating man never wins. Also, the winner never cheats. So let’s read this story based on crows and birds.

One day the crow and the bird went out to find food. They reached a village in search of food. He saw a house in the village whose red chillies were drying on a mat in the courtyard of the house. The crow looked at those red peppers. Then he told the bird that there was red pepper there. The crow and the bird sat down on the mat. Then the bird said let’s compete. Let’s see who can eat more red chili.

The crow said okay let’s see who wins. The one who wins will eat the other. The bird thought the crow said all this jokingly, so he agreed to the fight. Both started eating red chilies. The bird showed honesty and the fight was done without deceit. At the same time, the crow was resorting to deceit. After saving sight from the bird, the crow started cheating. He was eating some chilli and hiding under some mat. The crow won by deception. He shouted, “I win. I win. Now I will eat you.”

The bird was very sad to hear this. Because she considered crow as her friend. But the crow showed its true color. He was frantic to eat birds. The bird said, “Well, you can eat me. But let me wash your beak before eating. What you will eat is your beak is very dirty.”

The crow went to the river after obeying the bird. When the crow asked for water from the river, he said that he was ready to provide water. But bring a matka first. Then take as much water as you want. Then the crow went to the potter and asked him to make a matka for him. The potter asked him to make a matka, but if he needed soil, bring some soil.

Then the crow flew towards the ground. He started digging mud with his beak. Then Prithvi said, “The whole world knows that you eat garbage and filthiness.” In such a situation, I will not let you peep into my earth. If you want clay, get a spade. “Then the crow went to the blacksmith. The crow asked him to make him a hoe.

The blacksmith said that if he wants a spade, then fire him. The crow went to a house nearby where the farmer’s wife was cooking. He said he needed a fire. The farmer’s wife took out the burning wood in the stove and placed it on her beak. He caught wings of fire. Soon the crow burned to ashes. The only lesson we learn from this story is that cheating is never good.

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