Our ears are microcosms of our body and support our overall health

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Last Updated on August 15, 2022 by kumar Dayanand

Our ears are microcosms of our body and support our overall health 

Massaging the ear is very important for our overall health as there are over 200 points on the ear which reflect the body. Even the King of Chinese Medicine, Dr Sun Simiao practiced this daily saying: always exercise your ear.

The ears are connected to the face by muscles and points. If the ears droop, so will the face. The ears can help tighten the facial muscles, keep lips and eyes young. Make sure you spend time massaging them. This exercise can also help those suffering from tinnitus.

Use the index finger and thumb to massage the ear as shown. Press and tug gently.
Fold the ear several times with gentle pressure. This helps overall health and helps to lift the face, lips and eyes.
Use your two fingers to massage the front and back of the ear. This stimulates several points on the San Jiao meridian and points GB2 and SI19.
You can also warm up your hands by rubbing them and place them on your ears for several seconds.
Practice this daily until you feel the heat of the ears or they go pink/red.

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