Sleepyhead affiliate program

Sleepyhead affiliate program

Adaptive padding. In 1966, NASA developed an innovation to help aircraft seats better absorb stun. Technology prompted the advancement of a material made up of tiny chambers injected with a large number of gel points. Slow-return foam, as it was first called, was also used in headgear, clinic beds, prosthetics, and even shoes. Renowned adaptive padding, you have obtained the material of choice for bedding.

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Additional information for the Sleepyhead affiliate program

Media allowed / not allowed:

Following subtleties:

• Reports: in real time

• Web tracking: yes

• Mobile web tracking (WAP): Yes

• Next application: No

The promotion mechanism:

• Banners: allowed

• Text combinations: allowed

• Offers: allowed

• Coupons: allowed

• Refund / incentive: allowed

• HTML email: allowed

• Text email sender: allowed

• Personalized email: allowed

• Pop traffic: prohibited

• Native promotions: prohibited

• Facebook Ads: Banned

• SEM: brand keyword: prohibited

• SEM: generic keyword: allowed

• SEM: brand + generic keyword: prohibited

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